Idaho Enhanced Concealed Weapons License

This one day course taught by SRFI fulfills the State's requirement when applying for the Enhance CWL.

As a commitment to our students, SRFI exceeds the minimum requirements by including tactical handgun self protection concepts such as:

  • how to recognize and fix handgun malfunctions
  • properly performing emergency and tactical reloads
  • learn the techniques for shooting controlled pairs to assailants center-of-mass
  • shoot safetly from cover
  • correct method for drawing from a stong side holster
  • develop a self protection mindset
  • what to say and do when the police show up

Our classroom PowerPoint presentation is 6 hours in duration and an additional 2 hour shooting range time has the student participate in several firearm exercises from varying distances.

To fully participate in the drills, SRFI recommends the student bring:

  • minimum 9mm semi-auto or .38 caliber revolver; however any caliber is acceptable
  • plastic (Kydex) or leather holster
  • at least 2magazines (semi-auto) or 2 speed loaders (revolver), the more the better
  • wear a 1 1/4 inch wide sturdy belt that fits through pant belt loops
  • firearm made by a reliable manufacturer such as: Colt, Glock, Ruger, Smith and Wesson, Springfield, Kimber, etc.
  • hear muffs (electronic type recommended) and eye protection
  • 200 rounds of factory ammunition

 Students will receive a 55 page course manual along with a course completion certificate and a CWL application form.